Service Statement


Cloud Dialogs prides itself on the responsiveness of its support service.

We are totally focused on ensuring we meet our service SLA.


Cloud Dialogs will use reasonable endeavours to ensure the following service availability levels:

  • Minimum uptime of web based Cloud Dialogs Service Desk : 99.5%
  • Minimum uptime of Cloud Dialogs Mobile Connect and Messaging Gateway : 99%

Raising Support Tickets

All problems or issues should be logged via our on-line support system.

This system records all actions by our support agents and is constantly reviewed to ensure all calls are being responded to within our service levels.

You can track the full history of each ticket via our on-line support system.

Detailed documentation is available for resolution of issues and guidance on system usage.

To access the support system go to and select the SUPPORT icon in the top right of the screen.

Registering for the support system

You will either have been registered for the support system as part of your set up service or you can self -register via the support system.

Response targets

Our service level targets for each ticket priority are as follows:

Priority Description Respond within Resolve within
Urgent Fault preventing the use of the system or a key element of the system 30 mins 4 hours
High Significant issue but not classified as urgent as there is a short term work around in place 1 hour 1 day
Medium Software issue that impacts a specific part of the system or isolated mobile devices 8 hours 1 week
Low Non serious issues, queries, requests 1 day 1 month

Cloud Dialogs will use all reasonable endeavours to respond to the Target Response and Fix Times set out above.

Escalation Process

If a ticket has to be escalated the following process should be followed:

  • Contact the support agent assigned by replying to the specific ticket
  • If a satisfactory reply is not received the issue should be escalated to the Customer Support Manager via e-mail to


Cloud Dialogs may require short periods of unavailability of Services for maintenance reasons and in order to implement changes and upgrades.

Cloud Dialogs will use all reasonable endeavours to perform maintenance outside of normal working hours.

Maintenance unavailability is excluded from the total available time in the calculation of service availability.